Qwertyhead Films is specialised on Tilt-Shift photography, time-lapse, and hyper-lapse videos.

The Tilt-Shift lens is particularly well suited for photographing nature, architecture, people, and products.

We would prefer to photograph portraits with a professional lighting technician.

Qwertyhead Films offers small product photography and videography with a white/black canvas at a reasonable price.

A photo studio is also available for large-scale product and portrait photography.

We also perform some 4K aerial filming and photography – for the most demanding aerial photography I can recommend a suitable aerial filming company.


Work Profile

  • Portraits
  • Architectural photography, real estates (ASK US A LINK TO THE DEMO-VIDEOS)
  • Tilt-Shift, selective focus area photography
  • Business presentations
  • Product presentations
  • Events, parties and expos
  • VFX tracking with a motorized camera pan/tilt slider
  • 4K aerial filming and photography such as tracking for TV productions, small real estate roof surveys and apartment and real estate sales presentation video productions.
  • Consulting services on Tekla Structures BIM-model exports to professional animation and visualization programs and instructions on how to animate and render exported BIM-models.


I also have a Design Assistant degree in constructional engineering.

I have 5 years of experience with Tekla Structures BIM-modelling as well as animating Tekla BIM-models with non-Tekla Software.

You can best reach me by calling me or sending an SMS.

Kimmo Lepistö
Tel. +358 40 558 76 58

These photographs cannot be used or downloaded without a permission from the copyright owners.

These animation pictures are pre-designs, not necessarily the final plans.