Qwertyhead Films is specialized in warm and beautifully lit portraits and architecture photography.

The selective focus photography with thousands of hours of experience, which requires the special lenses. I have lenses suitable for different kind of photo and video shoots.


For example, in product photography, details of the products can be presented

in very interesting way too, compared to the traditional lenses, both still and video.

In portrait shoots, I do really beautiful and atmospheric photos.


In architecture and personal photography, I have developed photography techniques of my own

to make the workflow easier for further use.


I also do cinematic camera tracking with my own designed new type of Camera-Dolly.


Qwertyhead Films offers small product shoots on a white or black background at affordable prices.

I have a lot of experience with Time-Lapse photography and low-light shooting.


I always negotiate the price on a case-by-case basis.


Work Profile

  • Portraits
  • Architectural photography, real estates (ASK US A LINK TO THE DEMO-VIDEOS)
  • Tilt-Shift, selective focus area photography
  • Business presentations
  • Product presentations
  • Events, parties and expos
  • VFX tracking with a motorized camera pan/tilt slider
  • 4K aerial filming and photography such as tracking for TV productions, small real estate roof surveys and apartment and real estate sales presentation video productions.
  • Consulting services on Tekla Structures BIM-model exports to professional animation and visualization programs and instructions on how to animate and render exported BIM-models.


I also have a Design Assistant degree in constructional engineering.

I have 5 years of experience with Tekla Structures BIM-modelling as well as animating.

Tekla BIM-models with non-Tekla Software.

You can best reach me by calling me or sending an SMS.

Kimmo Lepistö
Tel. +358 40 558 76 58

These photographs cannot be used or downloaded without a permission from the copyright owners.

These animation pictures are pre-designs, not necessarily the final plans.